Instagram for Dummies

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Hi there all you Insta-Adepts!

Here are some basics to get you started on Instagram and help you grow your instagram followers:

Posting Pictures: There will be a blue camera button on the center of the bottom bar, if poked you will wind up on a camera screen, you will then have two options, take a picture to be posed onto instagram, or you can poke the symbol on the bottom left and this will take you to your photo library where you can choose any picture on your phone to post onto instagram. Once a picture has been selected you will then be on a editing screen where you may crop your photo. Finally the fun part, the filtering, Instagram offers 18 filter options to make your photo look awesome, there are also many other apps available to offer more filter options; Snapseed being our favorite. Once done filtering, you will be on the final step, the description and geotag screen, in the description you may describe your photo and include hashtags (hashtags are one word description words placed infront of a “#” such as #ocean or #love) **make sure to geotag and include hashtags in your photo! hit share and you have successfully posted your photo!

Following: there are two ways to “follow” a user on Instagram. Following means that the user that you follow’s photos will appear on the home screen photo feed. To follow a use you may either go to their account screen by touching their name or profile picture and on their account screen there will be a blue “Follow” button, click this to follow the user (if the button is green, you are already following the user). The other way is to go to the “Followers” or “Following” feed on either your account screen or another user’s account screen **note you will not be able to see another user’s Follower or Following feed if the number exceeds 5000** and tap the “Follow” icon on the right. **Unfollowing a user is just as simple, just tap the green Following icon**

Home Screen: the house looking icon on the bottom left is where you will find pictures that your friends posted, from here you may like, comment, and go to the user who posted the photo’s account. there is a refresh button on the top right which refreshes the home screen to include the most recent posts.

News Feed: The chat bubble with a heart inside to the right of the blue photo icon on the bottom bar is the news feed. This feed notifies you when another user; likes one of your photos, mentions you in a post, comments on one your photos, or follows you (it does not tell you if another user unfollows you).

-Explore- The compass-star-like icon to the left of the blue photo icon on the bottom bar is where you can find the popular page and search for users and hashtags. Searching for users is simple, either type their user name or their actual name and hit enter for a list of posible results. searching for hashtags is a way to veiw photos by certain categories, search “love” for a list of photos posted with the hashtag #love.

Your Account: the ID looking icon on the bottom left is where you will find your account screen. this screen displays your followers, following, number of photos, and all the photos you have posted (may be viewed by vertical list or grid which may be changed at the top center of the screen) with the number of people who liked that photo and all comments left on your photos. On the top left there will be a gadget looking icon, this is where you will be able to edit your profile.

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