How to Play Music on your Hard Drive With Spotify

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives it’s listners access to pretty much anything they need to listen. What’s more, it’s listners are able to stream music directly from your PC’s hard drive.

Step 1

When you open Spotify you ought to see a menu on the left half of your screen. Under the “Collectionss” heading you will see a choice that says “Local Files” with a symbol of a music note on a bit of paper beside it. This is the location where  should see all the files on your PC that Spotify has access to.

Step 2

To add more files to your library that Spotify has access to you need to go into your Preferences. Tap on the “Spotify” button at the upper left of your screen. A menu will show up kust underneath where you clicked and from this menu you need to pick the “Preference” option.

Step 3

Once in Preferences you ought to see a segment that says “Local Files.” From this point hit the “Add Source… ” button to browse the documents on your PC and add them to your Spotify library. Spotify also mp3 and mp4 records.


Spotify is awesome for streaming music and audio files located on your PC. Simply add the files you want to stream from your PC into your Spotify library and after that get to them by tapping the Local Files choice under Collections.

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