How to Collaborate on a Spotify Playlist

Many of us wants to share our music with their friends and family. Making and sharing playlists on Spotify is possible and Spotify has simplified the process of sharing and managing your playlists with your friends. Everyone who has access to your playlist can make changes to your playlist. You can make a collaborative playlists with friends and family by following the steps below


1.Use an already existing playlist or create a new one

2.Right-click on the created Playlist which you want to collaborate, it shold show up on the left panel, click on ‘collaborative playlist’ from the context menu which shows up. The music note will transform from white to green, and a checkmark will show up beside it.

3.To share the playlist with families an friends select “Share” in the playlist. Note: Anybody you share your playlist with can make amendments to your playlist

4. Your friends will get a notification message with a link to your playlist. If they click on the link, the playlist will be shown

5.When your friends click on “follow” they can start making changes to the playlist

6.If you feel the need to stop the collaboration, you have to right-click the playlist, and click on the ‘collaborative playlist’ to turn the collaborative feature off. After you do this, the checkmark will disappear and the music note changes from green to white.

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