Can You Make Money With Twitter?

It wasn’t long after Twitter started being used as a micro-blog that Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs started asking the inevitable question, “Can you make money with Twitter?” and investigating the opportunities offered by this new form of communication. Twitter has a number of advantages for getting your marketing message in front of prospects, but first you must build a targeted following and establish yourself with them as someone worth listening to.

The Twitter Advantage

Twitter, as a marketing tool, has some similarity to e-mail, but also some definite advantages. As with e-mail, your tweets on Twitter are delivered directly to those people who have elected to receive messages from you – in Twitter’s case, in each follower’s Twitter stream. Unlike an e-mail list, a Twitter following is much easier to build, as prospective followers can quite easily start following you with the click of the “Follow” button on your profile – no need for filling out a form and confirming opt-in. Also, unlike e-mail and its questionable delivery rate, Twitter tweets have 100% deliverable, and anyone following you will receive your message in their tweet stream.


Building A Good Twitter Following

For people to see your tweets on Twitter, they must be following you. To make money with Twitter, you need to attract targeted followers from your target niche. You want good prospects following you, so your marketing message is delivered to those most likely to convert to buying customers – or those who will take the action you desire. The first step to attracting good followers is getting a Twitter username that provides prospective followers with a good clue as to what you’re about, followed by a bio that highlights the niche-related benefit of following you on Twitter.

Then, you need to actively search for Twitter users in your niche and attract them to your following. There are a number of ways to do this – manual and time consuming, or automated at a fee. If you decide to go the manual route, using Twitter’s “Find people” function and searching for likely prospects in your niche, you need to do it systematically for the most efficient building of your following. Set yourself a daily schedule and a daily quota of new followers.

Establishing Your Authority On Twitter

Your Twitter followers will be following many others on Twitter and receiving a large number of tweets in their Twitter stream ever day. Depending upon how many people they are following, your tweet may only be visible for a few minutes before other tweets push it down in the stream. To make money with Twitter, you need to condition your followers to look for your tweets. The way to get followers to actually read your tweets – sometimes even look forward to them – is to become an authority in your niche and supply your followers with valuable niche-related news and information.

With the advantages that Twitter offers, a targeted following, and the attention of your followers, you can make very profitable use of Twitter for making. Click here to set up a system to make money with Twitter.

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